Raymund Eich, science fiction writer

Hello, I’m Raymund Eich. My Middle America upbringing is the springboard for journeys to the ends of the Universe.

I’ve written over a dozen novels and over forty short stories of speculative fiction. You might have read half a dozen of those short stories in Analog magazine. My short stories have also appeared in Odyssey, Boundary Shock Quarterly, and the anthology Surviving Tomorrow.

My military science fiction novel Take the Shilling (Book One of The Confederated Worlds trilogy) has over a hundred reader reviews averaging 4+ stars. I’ve also written space opera, action and adventure, fantasy, and all sorts of other speculative fiction stories.

As you can guess, I don’t write to market, or narrowly mine a single subcategory at an online bookstore. I write the stories I enjoy writing. I’m sure you’ll find one you enjoy reading.

“Where should I start?”

If you like military science fiction, Take the Shilling is free. The entire Confederated Worlds series is also available. Analog’s book reviewer said the series was “unusual for military science fiction” by focusing on “the psychology and politics of societies in conflict.”

The Progress of Mankind, Stone Chalmers #1, is a free gift to new members joining my Reader’s Club. It’s book one of the complete four-novel Stone Chalmers series of interstellar secret agent adventures. You can also buy it here.

Do you like alien encounter stories? The Consortia series features high-tech humans visiting low-tech alien planets. In The False Flag War series, our heroes decode the last message of a long-dead, highly advanced alien species—and use what they learned to try saving Earth from the same fate.

Though most of what I write is science fiction, if you’re in the mood for a fantasy with a Renaissance feel and a little bit of ooh-la-la, I had a lot of fun writing stand-alone fantasy novel A Prince of the Blood.

Of course, you can explore my full catalog by following the links in the menu above, scrolling down, or using the search box.

Happy reading!

The Confederated Worlds

The destinies of planets will turn on the actions of one uncommon soldier.

Stone Chalmers

Across Deep Space to Distant Planets

Interstellar adventures abound for the brave and bold.

My Complete Science Fiction* Short Stories

Ten-packs of short fiction from throughout my career. (*also includes fantasy shorts, weird tales, and science fact)

Short Story Collections

Five-story collections built around various themes: sports, cultures, politics, and more. Most $2.99.

Magical Worlds

From paranormal presents to pasts that never were.

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Showing 1–12 of 102 results