Raymund Eich

A Mighty Fortress


They would transform a barren world into a refuge for life and faith. Or die trying.


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When Melanchthon arrived at the dim red star after a forty-year journey, Theodore awoke from suspended animation eager to implement the Lutheran Interstellar Terraforming Society’s plan to transform a barren rocky world into New Augsburg, a refuge for faith and life.

A challenging plan: move an icy asteroid billions of miles, quickly convert the asteroid into new seas and a breathable atmosphere for the rocky world, then seed the surface with life. Yet Theodore felt confident in his team’s ability to complete the mission.

A challenging plan, made more challenging by other members of his own expedition.

A short novel of technological wonder and human intrigue, by the author of The Confederated Worlds and the Stone Chalmers series.

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Raymund Eich


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