Raymund Eich

Constitution 2050


A Republic. If you can keep it.


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In these five stories, Raymund Eich posits new amendments to the United States Constitution.

Amendments written to better bestow the blessings of liberty on the American people and their posterity.

Amendments that those same American people, ranging from common men and women to Presidents, try to evade for personal gain.

The Twenty-Eighth Amendment

President Archer faced a Middle East crisis. The audio-visual recording crew following his every public move limited how he could resolve the crisis. Or did they?

The Twenty-Ninth Amendment

It didn’t matter if Gretchen Archer knew what her father had done. It mattered if she should have known.

The Thirtieth Amendment

Born to an illegal immigrant, Gonzalo had a chance to live and work in the United States. If he demonstrated fluency in the English language. Others had the same chance… and would pass the test by hook or by crook.

The Thirty-First Amendment

Empowered to pass a law restricting the practice of any religion other than Christianity or Judaism, Congress passed the 9/11 Memorial Act forbidding the practice of Islam. But if devout Muslims may eat Jewish food, what’s a kosher butcher to do?

The Thirty-Second Amendment

By chance, President Edward Slovachek could appoint three Supreme Court justices. Enough to tilt the Court to uphold a controversial law he supported. In the halls of the Senate, he could force through his appointments—but at what price?

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Raymund Eich


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