Raymund Eich

Invasion 2132 (The False Flag War | Book 2)


They came in war for all mankind


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A powerful alien ship. Heading to Earth. Intent unknown.

Bad: mission control lost contact with the interstellar explorers on Concordia.

Worse: mission control detects an unknown ship leaving the Alpha Centauri system. Heading to Earth at relativistic speeds. Driven by engines more potent than anything humans ever built. Silent about its purpose. Its crew unknown.

Leclerc, head of mission control, knows what he must do. If the ship comes to conquer or destroy Earth, the planet has only one chance. Its rival factions must set aside their cold war. They must turn their weapons of mass destruction to the common good. They must come together to prepare a mutual, desperate defense.

But powerful alien technology tempts insiders of both factions. Instead of peace through cooperation, some seek peace through conquest. Leclerc must do more than find common ground with his former foes. He must face the lust for power of shadowy figures on his own side.

The fate of the world hinges on what one man does… and what he discovers about the crew of the alien ship.

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Raymund Eich


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