Raymund Eich

Lyin’ EIAS


Can she hide them from her husband’s smart contracts?


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Smart contracts could help her marry well. And divorce better.

Ashley clawed her way from her small, poor home town to the high-tech city, and vowed never to go back.

Big data from pervasive biosensors and the internet of things, stored in an unforgeable blockchain, enforced by algorithms instead of the whims of judges and juries, made Eric a multimillionaire.

Marry him, and Ashley’s set for life. Even if he leaves her.

Unless his software detects she breaches the marital contract.

When the honeymoon’s over, will she stay content as a trophy wife? Alone in his mansion. Watched by his computers. Automatically punished for any minor transgression.

Is marrying for millions worth a loveless marriage? Or can Ashley win a dangerous game, keeping Eric’s money while somehow finding love?

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Raymund Eich


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