Raymund Eich

Portia Oakeshott, Dinosaur Veterinarian


Portia’s heart quickened. A chance to treat an injured dinosaur! Creatures reconstructed from fossilized bone, genetic extrapolation from modern birds, imagination, and Aussie pride….



As a girl, Portia Oakeshott dreamed of caring for the reconstructed
dinosaurs roaming the preserve near the south pole of her balmy home
planet, New New South Wales.

As a graduate from the planet’s top veterinary school and a recent
hire by the dinosaur preserve, caring for dinosaurs brings Portia into
conflict with land-coveting ranchers, spoiled teenagers, villainous
millionaires, religious fanatics, and scheming politicians.

Her adventures take her from the “big smoke” to the “back of
Bourke”—from the bustling city of Port Bounty, across a continent of
vast fields where farmers raise pigs containing cloned human organs, to
the lush Cretaceous forests where dinosaurs roam at the bottom of a

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Raymund Eich


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