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Raymund Eich

Explore worlds of wonder and adventure

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“The main character and supporting characters are well written. The overall world is in depth and detailed. The overall plot moves at a good pace and the story is memorable. A wonderful book.”

Tom N.

“A gripping, thought provoking journey… Highly recommended.”

Lori P.

“The tale was intense. The characters were complex. The world building was descriptive… I enjoyed it a lot.”

Laura R.

“Smart and with humor, a look at the human side of near future technology. Well done!”

Michal K.

What you’ll get in this deal

A complete military science fiction trilogy…

Take the Shilling Operation Iago A Bodyguard of Lies

…two series starters…

The Progress of Mankind Exploration 2127

…one deep space adventure, one novel of alien encounter…

The Reincarnation Run Azureseas: Cantrell's War

…plus a suspenseful novella and a collection of ten short stories.

Love and Death in the City of Bone Extravehicular Activities: The Complete Science Fiction Stories 2021-2022

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But I’m offering all NINE ebooks for only



That’s (almost) 60% off.

And there’s no risk. I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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Raymund Eich

Hi, I’m Raymund. I’ve been a science fiction fan since I read Robert Heinlein’s juveniles in my middle school library, followed by Greg Bear, David Brin, Larry Niven, Robert Silverberg, and Roger Zelazny through my teen years.

I love writing novels and stories that combine action and adventure with scientific and technological wonders, seen through the eyes of people trying to do the right thing. You and I both know the future will be amazing. I’m honored that thousands of readers like you enjoy exploring it with me.

I’m pleased that I can offer you these ebooks at a deep discount, and I’m confident you’ll find stories of imagination that will entertain and inspire you.

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