Raymund Eich

AffEctive Disorder


A near future crime story – a Writers of the Future semi-finalist


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A Writers of the Future semi-finalist

A hard-boiled private eye meets a high-tech mystery, in this short story by the author of the Stone Chalmers interstellar espionage series

A multi-millionaire heiress commits suicide after a biotech company implants an experimental treatment device in her brain. Her grieving, lawyer husband sued the company for millions more.

In comes a private investigator, ex-cop Albert Jimenez. Hired by the biotech company to dig up dirt on the “grieving” husband. He expected the usual: greed, a mistress, emotional manipulation, a marriage on the rocks.

Instead he found something far more sinister. Questions of brain chemicals and free will. Questions of what it means to be human.

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Raymund Eich


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