Raymund Eich

Galactic Olympics: Five Science Fiction Sports Stories


“When Man goes to the stars, he’ll bring a ball with him.”


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“When Man goes to the stars, he’ll bring a ball with him.”

Hit the court, tee off, and play ball in these five short stories about future sports.

• Going into the baseball season’s final game, he could be the first player in a century to hit .400. Thanks to his genetically engineered eyes.

• The basketball coach needs to turn underachieving stars into a winning team. The franchise’s new owner, a big pharma tycoon, gives him a new invention in “team chemistry.”

• In the twilight of his career, the powercrosse star signs with the perennial power for his last best shot at a championship. But jetting after the ball in zero gee, will he pay the price of winning at all costs?

• His bitter rival challenges him to a golf match. The stakes? A holy relic. The course location? On the Moon.

• The ultimate flying disc team on an alien planet faces one challenge. Win or go “home.” To an Earth the young team has never seen. Will an unexpected coach help them, or ruin their chances?

Pull on your jersey, strap on your jet pack, and join our team on a road trip across the wide galaxy of sports. Because even on the Moon or under alien suns, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

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Raymund Eich


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