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Stone Chalmers: The Complete Science Fiction Secret Agent Series


The complete Stone Chalmers series in one box set!


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Earth barely survived the 21st Century. Nuclear terrorism, civil war, and famine killed billions. Thousands fled on warpdrive ships to planets around distant suns.

After the United Nations gained control over Earth, it opened wormholes to the colonies, to prevent a repeat of chaos on a galactic scale.

Enter operative Stone Chalmers. Spy. Assassin. Instrument maintaining the UN’s order on the galaxy. Opposing him are hostile forces on colony worlds… and within the UN itself.

The Progress of Mankind

On New Moravia, Stone’s investigation of an operative’s murder turns into a race against the clock to defeat rebels seeking to kill UN heads of state—and tens of thousands of colonists.

The Greater Glory of God

On Trinity, Stone and an unwanted partner must infiltrate a group of religious fanatics out to find the ultimate prize: the last warpdrive ship outside UN control.

To All High Emprise Consecrated

On Minerva, while workers prepare a wormhole link to Earth, Stone uncovers a plot to shake to the core the UN—and himself.

In Public Convocation Assembled

On Earth, Stone plays for the ultimate stakes. Success will transform Earth and the galaxy forever. Failure will doom Earth to the greatest chaos of all time.


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